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Alenjaze company is a travel agency that helps its clients with all troursitic procedures, in addition to providing them with different organized inner circuit trips, and offering other luxurious services

AlEnjaz Company was established in 2014 in Tunis in order to facilitate all tourism transactions by providing extensive services locally and internationally. We seek to be the traveler's best companion in accomplishing any tourist services.

AlEnjaz Company is characterized by the expertise of the staff working in it. It uses all the communications and advanced technology, has the ability to provide unique services and solutions, and is one of the best companies in organizing fast trips and weekly holidays. Our company is certified by IATA organization.

We are also a representative accredited to the Saudi Embassy to complete Hajj and Umrah visas and tourist and work visas. We have joint business agreements with many hotels inside and outside Tunisia to offer the best prices locally and internationally.

The company has a local staff of over 30 employees in all areas of the company's business.